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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2024 Owners Manual / Driving your Vehicle / Drive Mode Integrated Control System

Hyundai Santa Cruz: Driving your Vehicle / Drive Mode Integrated Control System

The drive mode may be selected according to the driver’s preference or road condition.

The system resets to be in the NORMAL mode, when the engine is restarted.


If there is a problem with the instrument cluster, the drive mode will be in NORMAL mode and may not change to SPORT mode.

The mode changes, as below, whenever the DRIVE MODE button is pressed or toggled.


In NORMAL mode the engine andtransmission control logic worktogether to provide regular daily drivingperformance with some fuel efficiency.

  • When NORMAL mode is selected, it is not displayed on the instrument cluster.

SPORT mode

SPORT mode provides sporty but firm riding.

In SPORT mode, the fuel efficiency may decrease.

  • When SPORT mode is selected, the SPORT indicator will illuminate on the instrument cluster.
  • Whenever the engine is restarted, the drive mode will revert back to NORMAL mode. If SPORT mode is desired, re-select SPORT mode.
  • When SPORT mode is activated:

- The engine RPM will tend to remain raised over a certain length of time even after releasing the accelerator
- Upshifts are delayed when accelerating

SMART mode

SMART mode selects the proper driving mode among, NORMAL and SPORT by judging the driver's driving habits (For example, mild or dynamic) from the brake pedal depression or the steering wheel operation.

  • Press the DRIVE MODE button to activate SMART mode. When SMART mode is activated, the indicator illuminates on the instrument cluster.
  • The vehicle starts in SMART mode, when the engine was turned OFF in SMART mode.
  • SMART mode automatically controls gear shifting patterns, engine torque, in accordance with the driver's driving habits.

SNOW mode

SNOW mode offers special traction tuning for snow optimizing available traction in adverse conditions. Snow mode adjusts left and right wheel slip control, engine torque and shift patterns according to available traction levels.


  • When your vehicle drive mode is selected to SMART mode, the driving mode varies according to your acceleration pedal input. When your vehicle is in SMART mode and your driving style is such that your acceleration pedal input is gradual, the drive mode will maximize fuel efficiency. Note, however, the actual fuel efficiency may vary according to certain driving conditions (uphill/ downhill grade) and vehicle speed.
  • When your vehicle is in SMART mode and your driving style is more aggressive such that your acceleration pedal input is more abrupt, the drive mode will change to reflect a more SPORT driving characteristic. Note that while you are driving this way, fuel economy may be adversely affected.

Various driving situations, which you may encounter in SMART mode

  • The driving mode automatically changes to SMART SPORT, when you abruptly accelerate the vehicle or repetitively operate the steering wheel (Your driving is categorized to be sporty.). In this mode, your vehicle drives in a lower gear for abrupt accelerating/decelerating and increases the engine brake performance.
  • You may still sense the engine braking performance, even when you release the accelerator pedal in SMART SPORT mode. It is because your vehicle remains in lower gear over a certain period of time for next acceleration. Thus, it is a normal driving situation, not indicating any malfunction.
  • The driving mode automatically changes to SMART SPORT mode only in harsh driving situations. In most of the normal driving situations, the driving mode sets to be in SMART NORMAL mode.

Limitation of SMART mode

The SMART mode may be limited in following situations. (The OFF indicator illuminates in those situations.)

  • The driver manually moves the shift lever : It deactivates SMART mode. The vehicle drives, as the driver manually moves the shift lever.
  • The vehicle is driven using the paddle shifter (manual shift mode) : SMART mode is deactivated determining that the driver wants to drive the vehicle manually
  • Cruise Control or Smart Cruise Control is activated : Cruise Control or Smart Cruise Control may deactivate the SMART mode. When a higher system is set by Cruise Control or Smart Cruise Control, it starts to control vehicle speed and deactivates SMART mode. (SMART mode is not deactivated just by activing Cruise Control or Smart Cruise Control.)
  • The transmission oil temperature is either extremely low or extremely high : The SMART mode can be active in most of the normal driving situations. However, an extremely high/ low transmission oil temperature may temporarily deactivate the SMART mode, because the transmission condition is out of normal operation condition.
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