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Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2024 Owners Manual / Instrument Cluster / Infotainment System Vehicle Settings

Hyundai Santa Cruz: Instrument Cluster / Infotainment System Vehicle Settings

Vehicle Settings in the infotainment system provide user options for a variety of settings including door lock/ unlock features, convenience features, driver assistance settings, etc.

Vehicle Settings menu

- Driver Assistance
- Cluster
- Climate
- Seat
- Lights
- Door
- Convenience

The information provided may differ depending on which functions are applicable to your vehicle.


Do not operate the Vehicle Settings while driving. This may cause distraction resulting in an accident.

Setting Your Vehicle

1. Press the SETUP button on the head unit of the infotainment system.

2. Select ‘Vehicle’ and change the setting of the features.

    Trip Computer (Type A : 4.2” LCD)
    The trip computer is a microcomputercontrolled driver information system that displays information related to driving. Information Some driving information stored in the trip computer (for example ...

    Convenient Features

    Other information:

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