Hyundai Santa Cruz Owners & Service Manuals

Hyundai Santa Cruz: Vehicle Information, Consumer Information and Reporting Safety Defects / Instrument Panel Overview

1. Instrument cluster
2. Driver’s front air bag
3. Key ignition switch/Engine Start/Stop button
4. Infotainment system
5. Hazard warning lamp switch
6. Climate control system
7. Air ventilation seat
8. Seat warmer
9. Heated steering wheel
10. Transmission shift lever
11. DBC button
12. Parking/View button
13. EPB (Electronic Parking Brake) switch
14. Auto Hold switch
15. AWD lock button
16. Drive mode switch
17. Passenger’s front air bag
18. Glove box
19. USB port
20. Power outlet
21. USB charger
22. Wireless charging system pad

    Interior Overview
    1. Inside door handle 2. Power window switches 3. Power window lock button 4. Outside rearview mirror control switch 5. Driver door lock switch 6. Instrument panel illumination control switch 7. B ...

    Engine Compartment
    Smartstream G2.5 GDI Smartstream G2.5 TGDI 1. Engine coolant reservoir 2. Brake fluid reservoir 3. Air cleaner 4. Engine oil dipstick 5. Engine oil filler cap (2.5 T-GDI’s filler cap is under t ...

    Other information:

    Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2024 Owners Manual: Lighting
    Exterior Lights Lighting control To operate the lights, turn the knob at the end of the control lever to one of the following positions: 1. OFF position 2. AUTO headlamp position 3. Position lamp position 4. Headlamp position Daytime Running Light (DRL) The Daytime Running Lights (DRL) can make ...

    Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2024 Owners Manual: Before Driving
    Before Entering the Vehicle Be sure all windows, outside mirror(s), and outside lights are clean and unobstructed. Remove frost, snow, or ice. Visually check the tires for uneven wear and damage. Check under the vehicle for any sign of leaks. Be sure there are no obstacles behind you ...

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