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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Convenient Features / Rear Occupant Alert (ROA)

Rear Occupant Alert is provided to prevent a driver from leavinga vehicle with a rear passenger left in the vehicle.

Rear Occupant Alert Operation

When you turn off the engine andopen the driver’s door after openingand closing the rear door or tailgate,the ‘Check rear seats’ warningmessage appears on the cluster.


Rear Occupant Alert provides information to the driver to check the rear seats but it does not detect whether there is an object or passenger. Always check the rear seats when leaving the vehicle.


The open and close history of the rear doors are initialized if the driver turns off the engine and lock vehicle doors.

However, the alarm may sound again whenever the driver's door is opened if the previous history of the rear doors are not initialized.


Even if your vehicle is equipped withRear Occupant Alert (ROA),always make sure to check the rear seatbefore you leave the vehicle.Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) may not operate when:

  • Movement does not continue for a certain period of time or the movement is small.
  • A child is not seated in a child restraint system.
  • Movement is detected in areas other than the rear seats.
  • The rear passenger is covered with a fabric containing metallic substance such as a blanket.
  • An object in the vehicle blocks the sensor.
  • The sensor is contaminated by foreign material.
  • An animal at the rear seat or luggage compartment is not large enough to be detected by the sensor or there is hardly any movement.
  • Attaching objects or modifying the interior ceiling, or the interior ceiling is deformed or damaged.
  • There are electronic interference around the vehicle.
  • Other environmental reasons that may affect the system.
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