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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Automatic Transmission / Using the Paddle Shifters

The paddle shifter is available when the shift lever is in the D (Drive) position or the manual shift mode.

With the shift lever in the D position

The paddle shifter will operate when the vehicle speed is more than 6mph.

Pull back on the [+] paddle (right side) to upshift or the [-] paddle (left side) to downshift. You will see the gear change in the LCD cluster display.

When using the paddle shifters and you wish to return from manual shift mode to 'D' Drive mode, do one of the following:

- Pull back on the [+] paddle (right side) for more than one second.
- Toggle the gear shift lever from 'D' (Drive) to the manual gate on the left side (towards the driver) and then toggle it back to the normal 'D' position.

The vehicle will automatically revert from paddle shifting manual shift mode to 'D' Drive mode if one of the following situations occur:

- When the accelerator pedal is gently depressed for more than 6 seconds while driving
- When the vehicle stops


If the [+] and [-] paddle shifters are pulled at the same time, gear shift may not occur.

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