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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Smart Key / Key Cylinder (Driver Door)

A key cylinder is located on the driver side door handle hidden behind a plastic cover. Using the mechanical key, push and hold the key cylinder cover release button located on the underside of the door handle.

Use the mechanical key inserted into the release button slot to pry the cover outward. Once the cover is off, the mechanical key can be inserted into the key cylinder to lock or unlock the vehicle.

To reinstall the mechanical key into the key FOB, put the key into the key FOB hole and push inward until a click sound is heard.

Loss of a smart key

A maximum of two smart keys can be registered to a single vehicle. If you happen to lose your smart key, you should immediately take the vehicle and remaining key to your authorized HYUNDAI dealer or tow the vehicle, if necessary.

    Mechanical key
    If the Smart Key does not operate normally, you can lock or unlock the driver’s door by using the mechanical key. To remove the mechanical key from the smart key FOB: Press and hold the release ...

    Smart key precautions
    The smart key may not work if any of the following occur: The smart key is close to a radio transmitter such as a radio station or an airport which can interfere with normal operation of the ...

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