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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Tires and Wheels / Low Aspect Ratio Tires

The aspect ratio is lower than 50 on low aspect ratio tires.

Because low aspect ratio tires are optimized for handling and braking, their sidewall is a little stiffer than a standard tire. Also low aspect ratio tires tend to be wider and consequently have a greater contact patch with the road surface. In some instances they may generate more road noise compared with standard tires.


The side wall of a low aspect ratio tire is shorter than the normal one. Thus, the low-aspect wheel and tire are easily damaged. Follow the below instructions.

  • When driving on a rough road or driving off a road, be careful not to damage the tires and wheels. After driving, inspect the tires and wheels.
  • When passing over a pothole, speed bump, manhole, or curb stone, drive the vehicle slowly so as not to damage the tires and wheels.
  • When there is an impact on a tire, inspect the tire condition. Or, you can contact an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
  • Inspect the tire condition and pressure every 8,000 miles (13,000 km) to prevent tire damage.
  • It is difficult to recognize a tire damage only with your eyes. When there is a slight hint of a tire damage, check and replace the tire to prevent the damage caused by air leakage.
  • When a tire is damaged while driving on a rough road, off a road, or over obstacles, such as a pothole, manhole, or curb stone, your warranty does not cover the damage.
  • The tire information is specified on the tire side wall.
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