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Hyundai Santa Cruz: If you have a Flat Tire / Removing and Storing the Spare Tire

Your spare tire is stored underneath your vehicle, below the pickup bed area.

To remove the spare tire:

1. To easily remove the spare tire cap, insert a coin or a flathead driver and turn counterclockwise as engraved on the cap.

2. Connect the socket and wheel nut wrench.

3. Use the wheel nut wrench to loosen the bolt enough to lower the spare tire. Turn the wrench counterclockwise until the spare tire reaches the ground.

4. After the spare tire reaches the ground, continue to turn the wrench counterclockwise, and draw the spare tire outside. Never rotate the wrench excessively, otherwise the spare tire carrier may be damaged.

5. Remove the retainer (1) from the center of the spare tire.

To store the spare tire :

1. Lay the tire on the ground with the valve stem facing up.

2. Place the wheel under the vehicle and install the retainer (1) through the wheel center.

3. Turn the wrench clockwise until it clicks.


Ensure the spare tire retainer is properly aligned with the center of the spare tire to prevent the spare tire from rattling. Otherwise, it may cause the spare tire to fall off the carrier and lead to an accident.

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