Hyundai Santa Cruz Owners & Service Manuals

Hyundai Santa Cruz: Interior Lights / Vanity Mirror Lamp

Push the switch to turn the light on or off.

: The lamp will turn on if this button is pressed. • : The lamp will turn off if this button is pressed.

    Rear Lamps
    Rear room lamp switch : Press this button to turn the room lamp on and off. ...

    Glove Box Lamp
    The glove box lamp turns on when the glove box is opened. ...

    Other information:

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    Blade fuse / Cartridge fuse 1. Turn the vehicle off. 2. Turn all other switches off. 3. Remove the fuse panel cover by pressing the tap and pulling up. 4. Check the removed fuse; replace it if it is blown. To remove or insert the fuse, use the fuse puller in the engine compartment fuse panel. 5 ...

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