Hyundai Santa Cruz Owners & Service Manuals

Hyundai Santa Cruz: Convenient Features / Automatic Climate Control System

1. Driver’s temperature control button/ knob
2. Passenger’s temperature control button/knob
3. AUTO (automatic control) button
4. Air intake control button
5. OFF button
6. Front windshield defroster button
7. A/C (air conditioning) button
8. Fan speed control button
9. Mode selection button
10. Multi Air Mode button
11. Rear window defroster button
12. SYNC button
13. Climate control information screen

System Maintenance
Cabin air filter [A] : Outside air, [B] : Recirculated air [C] : Cabin air filter, [D] : Blower [E] : Evaporator core, [F] : Heater core The cabin air filter is installed behind the glove box. It fi ...

Automatic Heating and Air Conditioning
The Automatic Climate Control System is controlled by setting the desired temperature. 1. Press the AUTO button. The modes, fan speeds, air intake and air-conditioning will be controlled automatic ...

Other information:

Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2024 Owners Manual: Smart Cruise Control (SCC)
Basic function Smart Cruise Control is designed to help detect the vehicle ahead and help maintain the desired speed and minimum distance between the vehicle ahead. Overtaking Acceleration Assist While Smart Cruise Control is operating, if the function judges that the driver is determined to o ...

Hyundai Santa Cruz 2021-2024 Owners Manual: Air Cleaner
Filter Replacement The air cleaner filter can be cleaned for inspection using compressed air. Do not attempt to wash or to rinse it, as water will damage the filter. If soiled, the air cleaner filter must be replaced. 1. Pull up the air cleaner filter cover (1). 2. Pull down the lever to the ...

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