Hyundai Santa Cruz Owners & Service Manuals

Hyundai Santa Cruz: Seats / Rear Seats

Folding the rear seat

The right and left seat bottoms can be folded independently to increase the luggage capacity of the vehicle.


Be careful when carrying a stack of objects in the second row. If the objects extend higher than the top of the front seatbacks, they could inadvertently slide forward when decelerating and possibly cause injury or damage during sudden stops.

1. Pull the strap to unlock the seat.
2. Lift up the seat bottom.
3. Push the seat bottom firmly against the seatback to lock it into place.

Seatback pocket
The seatback pocket is provided on the back of the front seatbacks. CAUTION Do not put heavy or sharp objects in the seatback pockets. In an accident they could come loose from the pocket and inj ...

Unfolding the rear seat
1. Pull the strap to unlock the seat. 2. Carefully lower the seat bottom to the normal seating position. The seat bottom will remain in place under its own weight. WARNING Make sure the engine is ...

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