Hyundai Santa Cruz Owners & Service Manuals

Hyundai Santa Cruz: Driving Safety / Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM)

Blind-Spot View Monitor displays the rear blind spot area of the vehicle in the cluster when the turn signal is turned on to help change lanes.

Detecting sensor

[1], [2] : Surround-side view camera (camera located at bottom of the mirror)

Refer to the picture above for the detailed location of the detecting sensors.

Blind-Spot View Monitor Settings

Setting features

Blind-Spot View

With the engine on, select 'Driver Assistance>Blind-Spot Safety>Blind-Spot View' from the Settings menu to turn on Blind-Spot View Monitor and deselect to turn off the function.

Driver Attention Warning Malfunction and Limitations
Driver Attention Warning malfunction When Driver Attention Warning is not working properly, the ‘Check Driver Attention Warning (DAW) system’ warning message appears on the cluster for sever ...

Blind-Spot View Monitor Operation
Operating switch Turn Signal switch Blind-Spot View Monitor turns on and off when the turn signal is turned on and off. Blind-Spot View Monitor Operating conditions When the left or right side turn ...

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