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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM) / Blind-Spot View Monitor Malfunction

When Blind-Spot View Monitor is not working properly, or the cluster display flickers, or the camera image does not display properly, have the vehicle inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.


  • The image shown on the cluster may differ from the actual distance of the object. Make sure to directly check the vehicle's surroundings for safety.
  • Always keep the camera lens clean. If the lens is covered with foreign material, it may adversely affect camera performance and Blind- Spot View Monitor may not operate properly.
    Blind-Spot View Monitor Operation
    Operating switch Turn Signal switch Blind-Spot View Monitor turns on and off when the turn signal is turned on and off. Blind-Spot View Monitor Operating conditions When the left or right side turn ...

    Driving Convenience

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