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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Highway Driving Assist (HDA) / Highway Driving Assist Operation

Display and control

You can see the status of the Highway Driving Assist operation in the Driving Assist mode on the cluster. Refer to “LCD Display Modes” section in chapter 4.

Highway Driving Assist will be displayed as below depending on the status of the function.

(1) Highway Driving Assist indicator, whether there is a vehicle ahead and the selected distance level

Highway Driving Assist indicator

- Green : Operating state
- White : Standby state

(2) Set speed

(3) Lane Following Assist indicator

(4) Whether there is a vehicle ahead and the selected vehicle distance

(5) Whether the lane is detected or not

Highway Driving Assist operating status

Highway Driving Assist operates when:

- Driving on the main road of highways, and turning on Highway Driving Assist by pressing the Driving Assist () button.
- Entering the main road of highways while Lane Following assist and Smart Cruise Control are operating.


The images and colors in the cluster may differ depending on the cluster type or theme selected from the cluster.

• Restarting after stopping

When Highway Driving Assist is operating, your vehicle will stop if the vehicle ahead of you stops. Also, if the vehicle ahead of you starts moving within 30 seconds after the stop, your vehicle will start as well. In addition, after the vehicle has stopped and 30 seconds have passed, the ‘Use switch or pedal to accelerate’ message appears on the cluster. Depress the accelerator pedal or push the + switch, - switch or switch to start driving.

• Hands-off warning

If the driver takes their hands off the steering wheel for several seconds, the ‘Place hands on the steering wheel’ warning message appears and an audible warning sounds in stages.

First stage : Warning message

Second stage : Warning message (red steering wheel) and audible warning

If the driver still does not have their hands on the steering wheel after the hands-off warning, the ‘Highway Driving Assist (HDA) canceled’ warning message appears and Highway Driving Assist and Lane Change Assist are automatically canceled.

Highway Driving Assist standby

When Smart Cruise Control is temporarily canceled while Highway Driving Assist is operating, Highway Driving Assist will be in the standby state. At this time, Lane Following Assist will operate properly.

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