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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Driving Convenience / Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC)

Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control uses roadway information that is available on certain highways to automatically adjust your cruise control set speed.

There are two important features that make up the Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control - Highway Auto Speed Change and Highway Auto Curve Slowdown.


• Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control is available only on controlled access road of certain highways.

Controlled access road indicates roads with limited entrances and exits that allow uninterrupted high speed traffic flow. Only passenger cars and motorcycles are allowed on controlled access roads.

• Additional highways may be expanded by future navigation updates.


Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control operates on main roads of highways, and does not operate on interchanges or junctions.

Highway Auto Curve Slowdown

If vehicle speed is high, Highway Auto Curve Slowdown function will temporarily decelerate your vehicle or limit acceleration to help you drive safely on a curve based on the curve information from the navigation.

Highway Auto Speed Change

Highway Auto Speed Change function automatically changes Smart Cruise Control set speed based on the speed limit information from the navigation.

Smart Cruise Control Malfunction and Limitations
Smart Cruise Control malfunction When Smart Cruise Control is not working properly, the ‘Check Smart Cruise Control system’ warning message appears, and the warning light illuminates on the ...

Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control Settings
Setting features With the engine on, select ‘Driver Assistance>Driving Convenience> Auto Highway Speed Control’ from the Settings menu to turn on Navigationbased Smart Cruise Control and ...

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