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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Smart Key / Remotely starting vehicle

You can start the vehicle using the Remote Start button on the smart key.

To start the vehicle remotely:

1. Before you can use remote start your vehicle, the door lock button must be pressed. Press the door lock button on the Smart Key. You must be within about 32 feet (10m) from your vehicle.

2. Press and hold the remote start button on your Smart Key. You must press the button within 4 seconds from when you pressed the door lock button to activate the remote start.

3. The hazard warning lights will blink and the engine will start.

4. To turn off the remote start function, press the Remote Start button once.


  • The vehicle must be in P (Park) for the remote start function to start.
  • If the engine is started using the remote start function, the engine will turn off if you enter the vehicle without having the smart key in your possession.
  • The engine turns off if you do not get on the vehicle within 10 minutes after remotely starting the vehicle.
  • The Remote Start button may not operate if the smart key is not within 32 feet (10 m).
  • All doors must be locked and the hood must be closed in order for the remote start to operate.
  • Do not idle the engine for a long period.
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