Hyundai Santa Cruz Owners & Service Manuals

Hyundai Santa Cruz: Tailgate / Removing the tailgate

[A] : rear camera connector (If equipped)

1. Disconnect connectors located on the bottom side of the tailgate.

2. Disconnect both support cable. And tilt the tailgate to roughly 45 degrees from the full open position.

3. Pull up the tail gate and out disconnecting the right hand side hinge.

4. Slide the tailgate to the right disconnecting the left hand side hinge. While sliding the tailgate to the right be mindful to avoid potential contact with the rear bumper.


When the connector is disconnected to remove the tailgate, cover the connector with the connector cover enclosed with the owner’s manual to prevent moisture infow.

    Closing the tailgate
    Close the tailgate by lifting upward and ensure that both latches are properly engaged. This can be checked by pulling back on the gate. WARNING Always keep the tailgate completely closed while t ...

    Rear Bumper Steps
    1. Center Step 2. Top Step 3. Corner Step Use the rear bumper steps shown for easier access to the pickup bed. NOTICE To prevent damage to the rear bumper steps: Do not apply more than 330.7lbs. ...

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