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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Tailgate / Closing the tailgate

Close the tailgate by lifting upward and ensure that both latches are properly engaged. This can be checked by pulling back on the gate.


Always keep the tailgate completely closed while the vehicle is in motion.


To prevent damage to the tailgate support struts and the attached hardware, always close the tailgate before driving.


Be careful not to put your hands between the tailgate and the pickup bed area when closing the tailgate.


In cold and wet climates, the tailgate lock mechanism may not operate properly in extreme cold temperatures.


  • Ensure that both cables are properly connected and secured before using the tailgate or applying any load on it.
  • Do not drive with the tailgate down even at low speeds. This may result in death or personal injury.
  • Before opening either by with the handle or remote key or smart key check that no one is in its path of travel.
  • When removing the tailgate ensure that the tailgate is placed face up so that no damage can occur to the rear camera.


  • Allowing passengers to ride in the pickup bed or on tailgate can result in death or serious injury in a crash. Make sure all passengers ride in a seat and wear a seat belt properly.
  • Your vehicle should be kept locked and keys should be kept out of the reach of children. Parents should teach their children about the dangers of playing in luggage compartments.
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    Removing the tailgate
    [A] : rear camera connector (If equipped) 1. Disconnect connectors located on the bottom side of the tailgate. 2. Disconnect both support cable. And tilt the tailgate to roughly 45 degrees from t ...

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