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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Luggage Compartment Features / Rail and cleat system

Rail and cleat Locations

You can secure cargo with adjustable heavy duty cleat tie downs, repositioning the tie downs to suit the exact needs. Cleat can be used with ropes, hooks, and straps. It can be hooked through the center or wrapped around the cleats.

To use the cleat

1. Pull and Twist on Cleat Knob until Knob is fully disengaged and locked.

2. Slide the Cleat to desired position.

3. Unlock the Knob by twisting the knob in the opposite direction.

4. Slide the Cleat until the plunger is locked into a detent.


  • Do not exceed 250 Ibs. (113 kgf) load on a tie down.
  • Do not load the cleat above or below 45 degrees from the horizontal.
  • Do not apply a load to an unlocked cleat.
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