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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Luggage Compartment Features / Tie Down

Tie Down Locations

[A] Fixed Tie Down
[B] D-Ring

You can secure cargo to the vehicle using hooks, ropes and straps with heavy duty tie downs from various location on the pickup bed.

  • Fixed Tie Down also acts as a Cleat for looping rope.
  • D-Ring can be rotated about the bolt and the bracket.
  • D-Ring and Fixed Tie Down can be hooked through their openings.


  • Put cargo evenly on the pickup bed. Place the heaviest items on the bottom and as far forward as possible of the rear axle. Tie down and secure all items that could be thrown out of the vehicle during a crash or sudden stop.
  • If you stack items higher than the bed sides, tailgate, or back window, secure them with a net or cover. This will reduce the risk of items being thrown out of the pickup bed during a crash or sudden stop.


• Load the cargo securely before starting to drive.


• Do not exceed 440 lbs. (200 kgf) load on a tie down.


  • Allowing passengers to ride in the pickup bed or on the tailgate can result in death or serious injury in a crash. Make sure all passengers ride in a seat and wear a seat belt properly
  • Never let passengers ride in the pickup bed, in the trunk space, or on the bed rails. This could cause very serious injuries or death. No one should ride in any position on your vehicle that is not equipped with seats and seat belts.
  • Exceeding load limits or improperly loading cargo on the vehicle can cause a crash in which could result in serious injury or death.
  • Load the cargo carefully before starting to drive.
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