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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Convenient Features / Luggage Compartment Features

Tonneau Cover

Locking the tonneau cover

Turn lock knob 90 degrees counterclockwise to lock the tonneau cover.

Unlocking the tonneau cover

Turn lock knob 90 degrees clockwise to unlock the tonneau cover.

Emergency release

Push emergency release lever.

Fully opening tonneau cover

1. Make sure that tonneau cover is unlocked.

2. Push tonneau handle forward until unlatched. Handle will stay in “unlatched” position.

3. Tonneau cover will retract and fully.


The purpose of tonneau cover is to cover the bed from rain and dirt:

  • Designed to withstand rain water, some water ingress may occur. In the tailgate area there will be water ingress due to lack of sealing.
  • Dust can enter the compartment through various gaps around the tailgate area, other sealings etc.

Fully closing tonneau cover

1. Use strap to pull tonneau cover until handle can be reached.

2. Return handle to “latched” position.

3. Pull tonneau cover rearward until it latches against the tailgate.

Half opening tonneau cover (from open)

1. Pull strap 45 degrees to the left to return handle to “latched” position.

2. Use strap to close tonneau past half open position, then release. latch pins will make audible click.

Half opening tonneau cover (from closed)

1. Push tonneau handle forward until unlatched. (Handle will stay in “unlatched” position)

2. Return handle to “latched” position.

3. Tonneau cover will open and stop at halfway position.


  • Tonneau cover is made of aluminium profiles which heats up and cools down relatively quick according to weather conditions. This can cause condensation on the inside of the profiles and the panels.
  • The pull strap has been designed only for opening and closing the Roll cover. The carabineer and ring will be damaged in case of excessive load.
  • Goods in the pickup bed must be secured during transportation to prevent damage on the structural parts of tonneau cover (especially the canister.)
  • If the tonneau cover is closed and has water, snow, ice or dirt on the cover, it might enter into the pickup bed as the cover retracts. To avoid this, clean off the top surface of the cover prior to opening.
  • When opening the cover, the opening should be careful and controlled using the pull strap to prevent the cover from hitting the front with full speed, which it has NOT been designed for.


• The Roll cover is not designed for loading although it can support normal snow loads. No part of it can support any load from cargo or persons and the product might be damaged if somebody stands on it.


  • Do not drive with persons under the tonneau cover.
  • Do not allow persons or animals to stay in the pickup bed when the cover is closed.
  • Temperatures can be very high under the cover when closed.
  • The pull strap should not be used to tie down cargo.
  • Do not disassemble the main shaft from the canister without relieving the spring tension completely.
  • Remove fingers from lamellas when opening and closing.
  • We do not recommend washing the tonneau cover in a brushless carwash, as the coating may be damaged due to use of chemicals.
  • Wash the Roll cover regularly using normal car shampoo and a soft, lint free cloth or brush.
  • If washed in any carwash, or if any chemicals are used on the roll cover, please ensure a max PH value of 8 is used.
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