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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Luggage Compartment Features / Underbed Storage

The underbed storage area is water resistant and can be locked and unlocked using the remote key or smart key.

Opening underbed storage

The underbed storage can be unlocked and opened by the following methods:

Vehicles equipped with remote key:

  • Unlocking all doors using the main unlock button in the vehicle or by pressing the unlock button on the remote key.

Vehicles equipped with Smart key:

  • Unlocking all the doors using the main unlock button in the vehicle or by pressing the unlock button on the smart key.
  • Having the smart key in your possession, opening the tailgate, and then simply pressing the underfloor storage release button.

Closing underbed storage

To close the underbed storage lid, pull the lid downward.

Note that if the underbed storage lid is not fully closed, the LED bed lamps will remain on and a warning message may appear in the LCD cluster display.


It is common for the underfloor storage bin to have a scent when the vehicle is new. This scent is normal, safe, and will be reduced over time, similar to any new car smell.


  • Underbed storage should be dried before closing the lid to prevent mold growth.
  • Take care to keep water channel and sealing surface clear of debris.
  • Do not store the valuable items underbed storage area.
  • Do not apply water directly to the underbed storage bin latch. It may cause latch damage.


  • Do not go into the underbed storage.
  • If someone is locked inside the bin, push the emergency release lever (1).

How to open underbed storage lid manually

If there is an electrical failure that prevents the bed underbed storage lid from opening, the latch can be mechanically released using the following steps:

1. Remove the tailgate assembly from its hinges.

2. Insert a ridged hook or tool between the lid and floor, locating the release cable with the tool.

3. Provide an even downward force to release the latch.

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