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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Gauges and Meters / Distance to empty

  • The distance to empty is the estimated mileage the vehicle can be driven with the remaining fuel.
  • If the estimated distance is below 1 mi. (1 km), the trip computer will display “---” as distance to empty. When this occurs, the remaining fuel is very low. Refuel the vehicle immediately.


  • If the vehicle is not on level ground or the battery power has been interrupted, the distance to empty function may not operate correctly.
  • The distance to empty may differ from the actual driving distance as it is an estimate of the available driving distance.
  • The Distance to Empty indicator may not change accurately if less than 1.5 gallons of fuel are added to the vehicle.
  • The distance to empty may vary significantly based on driving conditions, driving habits, and condition of the vehicle.
    The odometer indicates the total distance that the vehicle has been driven and should be used to determine when periodic maintenance is required. ...

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