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Hyundai Santa Cruz: Maintenance / Light Bulbs

Consult an authorized HYUNDAI dealer to replace most vehicle light bulbs. It is difficult to replace vehicle light bulbs because other parts of the vehicle must be removed before you can get to the bulb. This is especially true for removing the headlamp assembly to get to the bulb(s).

Removing/installing the headlamp assembly can result in damage to the vehicle.


  • Prior to replacing a lamp, depress the foot brake, move the shift button into P (Park) apply the parking brake, place the ignition switch to the LOCK/OFF position, and take the key with you when leaving the vehicle to avoid sudden movement of the vehicle and to prevent possible electric shock.
  • Be aware the bulbs may be hot and may burn your fingers.


Be sure to replace the burned-out bulb with one of the same wattage rating. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the fuse or electrical wiring system.


To prevent damage, do not clean the headlamp lens with chemical solvents or strong detergents.

Information - Headlamp and rear combination lamp desiccant

This vehicle is equipped with desiccant packs to reduce fogging inside the headlamp and rear combination lamp due to moisture. The desiccant pack is made of moisture absorbing materials and its performance may change based on the used period or environment. If fogging inside the headlamp or rear combination lamp due to moisture continues for a long time, consult an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.


The headlamp and tail lamp lenses could appear frosty if the vehicle is washed after driving or the vehicle is driven at night in wet weather. This condition is caused by temperature difference between the lamp inside and outside and, it does not indicate a problem with your vehicle. When moisture condenses in the lamp, it will be removed after driving with the headlamp on. The removable level may differ depending on lamp size, lamp position and environmental condition. However, if moisture is not removed, have the vehicle is inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.


  • A normally functioning lamp may flicker momentarily to stabilize the vehicle’s electrical control system. However, if the lamp goes out after flickering momentarily, or continues to flicker, have the system checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
  • The position lamp may not turn on when the position lamp switch is turned on, but the position lamp and headlamp switch may turn on when the headlamp switch is turned on. This may be caused by network failure or vehicle electrical control system malfunction. If this occurs, have the system checked by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.


The headlamp aiming should be adjusted after an accident or after the headlamp assembly is reinstalled.

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